Thieves make off with safe and thousands of dollars

Thieves make off with safe and thousands of dollars
By: Arnold Wyrick

HARRISBURG, Ill. - Business owners in the Harrisburg area are becoming the target of thieves.  In the past two days two separate businesses were broken into.  Each time the thieves or thief targeted the businesses office and the safe.
This is the second time in the past few months that someone broke into Centerfield Bar & Grill.
"We feel like it was an inside job.  They know how to get into the safe, they stole around $5,000.00 the first time.  And some other small items.  This time they couldn't  get into the safe, so they stole the whole thing," said Mike Sisco of Harrisburg.
The bars security cameras caught some of the thieves' activities inside the building.  But they only captured a few images before being shut down.
"They knew where all the cameras were.  And they knew that the first thing they had to do was break into the office and shut off the computer.  So that they would no longer be on camera," Sisco said.
And he points out who ever they are, they didn't change disguises from the first time they broke into his family's business.
"Whether it was the exact same person the second time, I don't know.  I'm sure they're friends because they wore exactly the same clothing, all black including their shoes, right down to the bandana over their face," said Sisco.
Sisco's isn't the only business to lose money from their safe, Suzy's Laundry was also broken into early Tuesday morning.  The thieves or thief made off with money from her safe and in the process destroyed the safe and several articles of clothing with bleach.
Now police are asking for your help in tracking down these criminals, or suspect.