Tree trimming upsets owner

Linda Waldon
Linda Waldon

Tree triming upsets owner
By: Erica Byfield

MARSHALL COUNTY, Ky. - A woman in Marshall County is angry with her local power company for an interesting reason. 

"I understand trimming," but Sikeston, Mo. native Linda Waldon said, "flat topping" is beyond her.      
"They just flat topped it and the tree is not in the high line wires at all," Waldon said. 

The story behind Waldon's love for this Bradford Pear Tree began in 2000.  Her father bought the cone shaped tree for her mom as a Mother's Day present.

"She used to always say I'm so glad I got to see the tree bloom," said Waldron. 
Sadly, a few years later both Waldon's mother and father passed on.
"When I came home on Tuesday and saw this tree I was just devastated," said Waldon.
Waldron knew crews contracted by Western Kentucky Rural Electric Corporative would be in the area cutting trees away from power lines; but weeks ago management assured her they would not touch the tree.
"Nobody should have to come home to something like this," she said. 
Neighbors also lost tops to trees and full limbs.
"I know the rest of them look kind of odd because they were all cut on one side, but that's what it takes to keep them clear of the wires" said John Goss. 
Even so, Goss understands why Linda Waldon is fuming.
"There are some trees where they cut every branch off of it and there's nothing left but a trunk.  A trunk? What is the purpose of that?" said Waldon.   
She is toying with the idea of hiring an attorney, leaders with the electric company say they don't want it to come to that and they are sorry for the mix up.
Linda Waldron did contact a local nursery to find out how long it will take for her tree to return to its natural cone shape, and she was told a good four to five years.
Heartland News attempted to contact Western Kentucky Rural Electric Cooperative, but no one returned the call.