Man quarantined after traveling with TB

Man quarantined after traveling with tuberculosis
By: Heartland News

ATLANTA, Ga. - Health officials are searching for airline passengers and others who came in contact with a man infected with a rare form of tuberculosis.
The man is quarantined in an Atlanta hospital, but will be transferred to Denver.
The unnamed Georgia man took two trans-atlantic flights despite warnings from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control to turn himself in to Italian health officials.  He traveled to Greece and Italy for his wedding and honeymoon.
The 32-year-old man flew from Atlanta to Paris on May 12th on Air France flight 385. He returned on May 24th on Czech Air flight 410 from Prague to Montreal, then drove into the United States.
The World Health Organization says the chance of infection for fellow passengers is small, but it could take years to know if anyone has been infected.  TB has a long incubation period before symptoms occur.
This potentially dangerous form of TB called XDR is multi-drug resistant.
Tuberculosis is spread through the air from person to person when someone coughs or sneezes.