Skaters are jaywalking into traffic

Skaters are jaywalking into traffic
By: Erica Byfield

PADUCAH, Ky. - We have skate parks all across the heartland; and this time of year it seems like kids flock to them. There is no question about it; it takes skill to skate well.

Now that both the sun and school are out, some up and coming skaters at Noble Park say riding the rails is just a way of life. "Its fun, something to do, keeps you out of trouble" said eleven year old Cameron Herzog. "It gives me a little something to do everyday" said high school sophomore Nick Rolens.

They're hobby maybe a little dangerous; but Rolens says it's nothing compared to what he faces after he works up a sweat and needs a drink "it's to far of a walk all the way down and back." Instead he and most of the Noble Park skaters brave Park Ave.

Most of the kids say they always make sure to look both ways, but that does not always work too well. "We ran out and this car ran out and we didn't see them.  he had to stop... not slam on them... but put them on" recalled Rolens.

Trace Stevens works for the Parks Department and knows city leaders have a huge problem on their hands "there is an issue and something needs to be done about it." There is a crosswalk that skaters could use if they wanted to cross the street to grab something to eat or drink.  The only problem it is a five minute walk up the street.

To cut down the walk time, the Parks Department is looking to possibly adding another cross walk or building a bridge.  Stevens says a new bridge would cost about 250 thousand dollars "we would love to have one but those are quite expensive."

Skaters like Nick Rolens like the idea "I think that would be a good idea to give us safer way around." Until that happens, Trace Stevens would like all Noble Park skaters to use the current cross walk.

There is a jaywalking ordinance in Paducah, if anyone is caught illegally crossing the street they face a fine.