Poplar Bluff woman celebrates being 108-years-young

Poplar Bluff woman celebrates being 108-years-young
By: Holly Brantley
Poplar Bluff, Mo. - Surrounded by family and friends at The Manor in Poplar Bluff, Norma Brummett hardly looks like she's 108-years-old. But, even aside from her good looks, those who know her best will tell you she doesn't act like she's 108 either.
This lady is sharp as a tack. "I can't believe I'm 108!" said Brummett. "I drove wagons, plowed corn, picked cotton," said Brummett. "I did all of that."
Born in Bernie, Brummett lived in Qulin before moving to California in the 1930's. She had a total of five children, including three sons who served in the military. Brummett remembers the depression and two world wars. Over the years, she earned a reputation for being a hard worker. "I learned to weld, and paint. I did lots of things. And, I'm still here!" said Brummett.
She says work kept her going all these years. In fact, that's her secret to a long life. "Hard work, everyday," said Brummett. "I always took a lot of vitamins. I think that helped me along."
Until she turned 100, Brummett drove a 64' Cadillac. "I drove just about everything they had on the market," she said. She spent most of her life in California, but returned to Missouri three years ago. They say she's always been surrounded by people. "She's always taught us how to progress in life," said Dolly Rush, a relative. "You couldn't ask for a better person."