Holiday weekend leads to some thefts at Kentucky Lake

Holiday weekend leads to some thefts at Kentucky Lake
By: Erica Byfield

LIVINGSTON COUNTY, Ky. - Along with a day of remembrance, Memorial Day is the unofficial start to the summer; and that means cook- outs, camping, and water sports.

For some vacationers at a local lake, this festive weekend took a sharp turn after thieves struck. "These are white bass" said Charles Wallace.   He knows the secret to catching loads of fish at Kentucky Lake "we caught 28 to 25 on Monday."

But, he recently realized he's got a thing or two to learn about keeping your property safe. "I would hate to catch the guy that done it" he said.

You can't blame Wallace for being annoyed; right under his nose someone stole his cooler. That is not all thieves walked away with this weekend.

State Police say under the cloak of night someone took at least twenty-five fishing rods and reels, several tackle boxes, two depth finders, numerous coolers and life jackets. "We've been talking to people and they are saying it's getting worse and worse every year" said Ken McGinnis, another victim of thefts.

Last year thieves rode away with two golf carts and so far it looks like this year they're after all sorts of fishing equipment.
McGinnis says he's not willing to let thieves drive him out of here "this is our relaxation place, instead of having this place, and that place; every year for vacation we come down here."
He also learned a lesson, the day he found out thieves stole his cooler he installed a motion detector light.   
As for Charles Wallace, "my daughter is here and I told her, it might be a good thing I didn't go out about the time they we're picking it up because they may have whipped me, or maybe I would have whipped them."
Either way you look at it, Wallace he'll be back next weekend he's got some fishing to do, but this time.  "I'll just have to put everything up and lock it up."
State police say due to increased criminal activity at the lakes during the summer months they plan on increasing patrols in the area.