Perry County sex offender caught after running from police for days

Perry County sex offender caught after running from police for days
By: Arnold Wyrick

CUTLER, Ill. - A southern Illinois registered sex offender who disappeared a few days ago is finally in police custody. Scott Danaha was living in the Cutler area before police say he cut off his electronic monitoring bracelet. "When he cut his bracelet off that's a major concern him being a sex offender.  Then we had no idea of his whereabouts, and where he could be possibly perpetrating on a child.  So it was a major concern for us," says Perry County Sheriff Keith Kellerman.

News of a registered sex offender on the loose in the Cutler area worried some residents too. "I understand he's removed his ankle bracelet.  And I don't know of any reason he'd do that unless he plans on doing something he shouldn't be doing.  And I hope that they catch him quickly," says Keith Boyce of Cutler, Illinois.

Danaha's run from the law ended though when police in the Decatur area began an investigation of their own, that lead them to Danaha's whereabouts. "I believe it was in reference to a residential burglary investigation.  And I think a pursuit ensued after that, he fled and they caught him," Sheriff Kellerman said.

Scott Danaha was originally convicted eight years ago for sexually molesting a 15-year-old girl in Macon County, there in the Decatur area.  He'd only recently been released from prison, and was staying with a family member in the Cutler area before going on the run.