YourTurn - 5/28/07

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Susan Longino from Kennett:
"Emphasis has been put on reading and math in the lower grades.  Science has been marked as unimportant and I believe the younger you introduce science the more students would enjoy and look forward to it."
Jack Hall, a first grade teacher from St. Charles, Missouri:
"Mary Littrell (one of the Heartland's Best Teachers from Van Buren) inspired me to become a teacher...I have been teaching for the last two years and love the job.  Ms. Littrell was an inspiration to me.  When I watch movies like 'Mr. Holland's Opus', 'Freedom Writers,' 'Lean On Me' and other teacher related (films), I just think about how they have nothing on my wonderful teacher from Van Buren.  Thank you for honoring her."
Senya Dobbs from Poplar Bluff:
"...they need to watch school bus pulled out right in front of me...they just eased through...if I hadn't been paying attention I would have hit the bus.  They go flying past my house all the time and I live on a curve.  It is all over the state, not just in Jackson."
Jillian Black from Carbondale:
"(After watching Mike Smythe's ViewPoint on telephone scams) this is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard of.  Are we that hard up for entertainment that we now have to lie to people over the telephone?  The person that came up with this idea obviously had a different use in mind besides entertainment...this is so unsafe...what will people think of next."

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