Neighbor protests local eyesores by making his own

Neighbor protests local eyesores by making his own
By: Erica Byfield

MAYFIELD, Ky. - We've brought you stories about eyesores all across the heartland, but this is the first time you've heard an eyesore like this. A man in Mayfield is so sick of the run down homes in his town; he's staging a dramatic protest, actually creating his own eyesore.

Nearly every town has a historic district, lined with large old homes and carefully manicured lawns; Mayfield, Kentucky is no different. Therefore, this is not the area you'd expect to find trash cans on the front porch, clothes lines hung across a porch and the car port.
You could say Ric Watson's taking his dislike for eyesores to the next level; he made his home into one.
Mayor Arthur Byrn is definitely aware of what's going on, "It's my neighbor," he said.  

For four months, Watson's asked the Mayor and the Mayfield City Council to adopt an improved nuisance ordinance, forcing residents to clean up eyesore. Watson said "we wanted to show the towns people that everything we did to our town is perfectly legal and it should not be in a town like Mayfield, Kentucky."

Mayor Byrn says in response to this protest, the city council is working on a new nuisance ordinance.

So when will Ric Watson clean up his mess? He says not until that ordinance is officially on the books. The mayor invited Ric Watson to help the city council draft the new ordinance.