Animals rescued from vacant home

Animals rescued from vacant home
By: Crystal Britt
SIKESTON, Mo. - Several starving, flea infested animals are rescued from a vacant heartland home. The former owners left town, and left their pets to fend for themselves with no food or water. One in particular is in really bad shape.
Humane Society workers rescued at least two dogs, a cat and eight puppies as they're still trying to find the others.  "When we got there it came right out of the house and came walking right up to us which is amazing for something that's been treated this awful", said Sikeston Area Humane Society Director Lanette Baker.  Baker's talking about a one year old spaniel mix that workers have named "Justice". He's been through a lot and is extremely thin. You can see clearly see his backbone and ribs. They also rescued a beagle named "Angel" and her eight puppies.
It all started yesterday when the Humane Society got a call from a real estate agent. A home in rural Stoddard County near Essex had been repossessed.  She went to the home to check things out and apparently found several dogs and cats, many locked in rooms with no food or water and covered in fleas and ticks. "The black and white pup and the cat had access to the toilet bowl, every trash can was torn up. They looked like they'd been eating on anything else they could get down", said Baker.  
The animals have not yet been evaluated by a vet. The hope is they'll be available for adoption in the near future.  
So far no charges have been filed. The Humane Society is currently writing up a report to present to the Sheriff's Department and the Prosecuting Attorney with the hopes that the people who did this will be held responsible.