Marble Hill woman protests high gas prices

Marble Hill woman protests high gas prices
By: Ryan Tate

MARBLE HILL, Mo. - Joy Duprey says it will take a lot of money in gas to visit her nephew for his wedding this summer. She also says it will cost a lot for her grandson to visit her in Marble Hill. So, she is protesting the high gas prices. "One person can make a difference. We don't have to sit around and take it and expect someone else to help us," Duprey said.

She stood at the intersection of U.S. Highways 34 and 51 in Marble Hill Tuesday, wearing a sign that reads, "Ok, I will take my stand, gas is too high," on the front. On the back it reads, "Gas out, No. Cry out, Yes."

She stood at the intersection for about five hours. "A veteran of foreign wars brought me a bottle of water," Duprey said. "I thought that was great because he fought for my freedom to be able to walk the street."

Duprey does not want people to boycott gas stations. Instead, she wants people to be outraged by the high price of gas. "I don't want people to stop buying gas. Not at all. I want them to write their Congressmen, Senators, President," Duprey said.

Duprey tells Heartland News some people asked when she would protest again, because would join her. At this point, Duprey does not know if she will protest again.