Gasoline - where does your money go?

Gasoline - where does your money go?
By: Holly Brantley
Another day, another record high for gas prices. Tuesday, Triple A reporter the national average soared to nearly $3.21 per gallon. That's up more than $.35 from last month.
When it comes to gas, there's a  number of different elements that make up price per gallon.
So, where does your money go? The biggest chunk goes to crude oil supplies. On average, they'll see 50% or more of your money.
Next on the list is taxes. This makes up 20% or more, and varies from state to state. Also hovering around 20%, the next chunk of your money goes to refining, distribution and marketing.
Part of that means you're also paying to get the gas to the station.
The wild care here would be station mark-up. Usually this amounts to a few cents per gallon. Some convenience store owners say they actually lose money on gas.
The biggest factor on different prices are individual state's taxes. In the Heartland those taxes range between 17 and 21 cents a gallon.
Add it all up, and the price totals a gallon of gas.