Diabetes patients' medicine could be fatal

Diabetes patients' medicine could be fatal
By: Arnold Wyrick
MARION, Il. --The prescription drug Avandia was introduced to diabetic patients back in 1999.  Since then some six million people have taken the drug.  Doctors had high hopes when the drug was first introduced because of it's potential benefits to their patients.
"The hope when Avandia came out was that it would help with the blood sugars and it would help cardiac risks.  But as we often find with medicines as time goes on and more and more years of data are available, sometimes what we hope isn't what we get," says Doctor Randall Pass in Marion, Illinois.
Doctor Pass currently has about fifty patients taking Avandia.  But a recent study by the Cleveland Heart Institute, and the results published by the New England Journal of Medicine revealed a 45% increase in the risk of heart attacks, in diabetic patients taking the drug.
Heart disease is the number one killer of people who suffer with diabetes.
"And what this study says is that it's not cutting down on patients cholesterol levels.  And it may very well be increasing it.   So it's going to affect the way that diabetics are treated for sure," Doctor Pass said.
Avandia is one of the top prescription drugs for people who suffer with Type 2 diabetes.  it's manufactured by Glaxosmithkline.
Doctor Pass now plans to call in each one of his patients currently prescribed Avandia to discuss their options.