Police say man robbed a family restaurant, assaulted a worker and left his driver's license

Police say man robbed a family restaurant, assaulted a worker and left his driver's license
By: CJ Cassidy

JACKSON, Mo. - A 27-year-old Jackson, Missouri man sits behind bars this weekend, after police say he assaulted an employee at the Jackson Sports Grill Saturday night, and then robbed the place.  Police nabbed him after a foot chase soon afterwards.

The owners of the family restaurant say their employee is recovering from the assault.  They say she was badly shaken up, more mentally than anything else.

But it turns out, she ended up having the last laugh - even if police had not tracked down Jeremy Pearson - he allegedly left behind plenty of clues for investigators.
"He gave us his actual driver's license and his recent address," Debbie Stoverink, who co-owns the restaurant with her husband and brother-in-law says with a chuckle.
She and husband Jimmy, agree running up a bar tab probably isn't the best idea if you're planning on robbing a place.
Still, they say that's what Jeremy Pearson allegedly did as everyone but the bartender left the Jackson Sports Grill Saturday night.
"He left his driver's license here," Debbie laughs.
"He's definitely a candidate for a Darwin award," her husband jokes.
But wait! There's even more for the Stoverinks to laugh about as they returned to business as usual on Sunday.
"He swiped all the little bills and left the big bills. There was a $100 bill and a fifty dollar bill right next to where he swiped the 20s at," Debbie says.
Of course how it all took place is no laughing matter.
"my employee was trying to get to the phone so she could call me, and he slammed her into the ice machine, and all the stuff on top was on the floor, so he had to have slammed her pretty hard, and then he jumped over her to get to cash register," Debbie explains.
The alleged assault didn't end there.
"When he was trying to come back she had gotten to her feet and he slammed her into this back bar hard," she says.
The feisty bar tender still didn't give up.
"She grabbed a hold of him again, and he was able to knock her onto the floor, and she tried to hang onto him, and he kicked her then got loose from her and ran out the door," Debbie says.
So, why, you might wonder did the Stoverinks' employee continue to put up such a struggle?
"She said she felt violated as a woman - the whole robbery wasn't the issue to her - she felt like the reason he sought her out was because she was a woman he could overcome her," Debbie explains.
The Stoverinks say it might be a while before their employee closes alone again.
Police say they're glad the employee wasn't badly injured.
They say if you should ever find yourself in a similar situation - give up the money and don't put up a fight.