Immigration process made more difficult by test errors

Immigration process made more difficult by test errors
By: Carly O'Keefe
MURPHYSBORO, Ill. - One big obstacle for people trying to come into the United States may be a language barrier, but not in the way you may think. Poor English is proving to be an obstacle for those who are trying to learn what they need to for their citizenship tests--even when English is an applicant's native language.

Jacquelynn Gardener of Murphysboro married a citizen of the United Kingdom in March. She says they've had a very tough time figuring out how her husband Richard Gardener can become a citizen. "He was telling me how difficult it was to get in over there, and I said, oh it's nothing over here, people do it all the time," said Gardener.

Through the naturalization process, Gardener has been surprised at just how difficult it is to become a U.S. citizen. "I'm really shocked that there are so many people over here working because there was a stack of 500 pages and all sorts of different forms," said Gardener.

Many of those forms have errors. "He was going through some of the papers saying wait it says here you have to fill out this form and this form, but on the next page it says the opposite, and we're not dumb people," said Gardener.

But apparently who ever wrote the study guide for the U.S. citizenship test was not so smart. Spelling and grammatical errors litter the study guide, making it difficult to figure out what's what. "It says here how many ‘strips' are on the flag," said Gardener.

Gardener and her husband have found spelling errors and bad-directions for filing for citizenship make an already difficult process even harder. She's decided to just move to Wales and apply for citizenship there--where according to her; there is more help and fewer errors in the process.