Gas Prices: Businesses Hurt

Gas Prices: Businesses Hurt
By: Holly Brantley

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. --Owners of smaller gas stations rely on money made inside the store. So when people aren't stopping to fill up they're not shopping inside.
That has some station owners concerned about the summer's rising prices.
U-Kwik Stop makes money from dollars spent inside the store. But, as gas prices rise, people aren't spending as much on gas and even less on good's inside the store. "When they don't travel, I don't sell inside," said Mohammad Abukhudeir of U Kwik Stop.
Abukhudeir says while gas is necessary for his business to survive. It's also the source of lost money. "You don't make money on gas," said Abukhudeir. "We make money on travelers. The majority of you lose money on gas.'
So rising prices aren't only bad for your pocket book. They're bad for his business.
"We feel the pain just like folks driving up and down the street," said Bill Crites of Larry's Quick Mart in Chaffee. Crites says they have not noticed a sales drop inside the store. However, high gas prices affect him too: "Instead of having $1000 to spend on product, we have to put it in gas. It takes it longer to sell because the money is tied up longer in gas."
Retailers say they are concerned because gas prices are expected to continue to rise during the summer. Back at U-Kwik stop, Abukhudeir says gas may not stop going up until folks start driving cars that use alternative fuels.
"It might not go down until they make those cars and people start buying them," said Abukhudeir.