Lots of you have been asking about the Bowflex, since we first got our volunteer started on the program six weeks ago. Well, the steps taken to shed some weight have really paid-off for Daniel Hale. "It makes me feel fantastic!"says Daniel as he steps on the scale. "To see the weight gone, and the inches come off. You can't beat it."

Daniel's goal was to lose 19 inches... He lost 32! And he wanted to take off about 25 pounds. He did that, too -- in just six weeks -- by faithfully following the Bowflex system for weight loss. Looking at pictures of Daniel six weeks ago, and comparing them to how he looks now, really shows a difference. "I wore a 38 pant, but had a 44 inch belly hanging over it," Daniel admits. "So when I lost all those inches, the majority came from the stomach area." You can definitely see a difference in his mid-section.

"I've been called everything from Dan, Dan the Bowflex man... Ha!" laughs Daniel. But Daniel worked hard to drop the pounds. He worked out three times a week on the Bowflex -- plus followed their strict diet. "The diet? 1,500 calories the first couple of weeks was hard," he remembers. "Then 1,400, then 1,300. It was difficult. But I finally got to where I wasn't even eating 1,300 calories a day."

The diet comes with drinking lots of water. "The first week was tough!"Daniel describes. "I didn't stray too far from the house, let me tell you that! After that, though, it got easier and my body wanted more water."

What about the Bowflex machine itself? At first it was awkward. But Daniel quickly learned to switch rods and exercises in mere seconds. The warm-up rowing gets his heart pumping, and the program is designed to keep his heart rate up, to get cardiovascular exercise as well. "I don't think this will ever get boring," says Daniel. "There are so many different exercises you can do with it."

Daniel majored in physical education, and has worked-out in many gyms. He says there's no comparison to traditional weight machines and the Bowflex. "The Bowflex, for me, beats them 100%." He likes the convenience and quickness of working out at home. But discipline is the key to sticking with any home-exercise program. Especially after the results come more slowly. "Early on, the weight came off rapidly," he explained. "But at about the 5th week, Ii could tell a difference in my strength level, and the weight loss slowed down. I knew I was replacing fat with muscle."

It wasn't easy, and it requires a strict diet with no beer or french fries or chips. But if you can stick with it, the Bowflex will work. So Bowflex earns an 'A.' But be prepared to pay for it! A basic Bowflex costs $900, and can run up to $1,900.