Impact of gas on travelers

Impact of gas on travelers
By: Erica Byfield

PADUCAH, Ky. --We're on the cusp of the summer driving season.  As the gas prices creep up not only in the Heartland but across the country, the question is the price at the pump going to keep folks at home? 

Mylinda Gislason likes to keep lists.  She says this is what you do when driving across the country from Canada "we're going to Miami and we had to reserve about $600 for gas." (round trip).
Despite the high fuel prices Gislason is not the only forging ahead with travel plans.
"We started in Huntsville; we're going to St Louis for a graduation" said Gina Gollop.    
"We're on our way to Fort Campbell" said Scott Wallick.    
Heather Blazier said "I started in Augusta, GA and I'm on my way to Peoria, IL." 
Avid traveler Wallick says when gas prices go up you have to get smart "when we go out east to compensate for the gas we're going to eat a few more meals, we're going to pack a few more meals in our cars so the restaurants are going to be impacted."
What about traveling two weekends in a row?
Blazier's says she's making other plans "I'm staying home for Memorial Day." 
Gina Gollop adds when you've got a family of four, it's the cheapest option "we have two little children and it's too expensive to fly."
Memorial Day is just about the time Mylinda Gislason will be on her way back from Miami.  "It hurts the pocket book, but it's worth it in the end" because she and her family love sight seeing and there is another incentive for filling up in the United States "it costs us more in Canada for gas."
In Canada they pay for gas by the liter, a few days ago when Gislason left home gas cost a $1.21. 
In the US that would be about $4.50 a gallon.