YourTurn - 5/21/07

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Paul Nenniger from Cape Girardeau:
"As a retiree from federal law enforcement and a member of Seniors and Lawmen Together (SALT) I would like to thank KFVS12 for coverage of the local memorial on May 11...18 officers from Southeast Missouri (Missouri Highway Patrol E) have died in the line of duty.  It is important to remember their sacrifice..." 
Jeff Meador from Bell City:
"I am the father of a 17 year old boy who is going to basic training (this month)...I am proud of him and what he is doing.  I am not a rich man as far as money goes but with my son I am the richest person in Missouri.  He knows what he is facing with the war...and I want him to know how much I love him."
Tiffany Morgan from Pinckneyville:
"My grandfather served in the Army...and was diagnosed with cancer in 2005...he went to the V.A. for help.  He started going to the V.A. hospital in Marion and John Cochran in St. Louis for treatment and both hospitals bent over backward to make sure he was taken care of and (received) the BEST treatment possible.  Without the V.A. paying for everything my grandfather would not be alive today."
Anastacia Doty from Cape Girardeau:
"I am 13 years old and attend Cape Central Junior High...I would like to thank (Jason Lindsey) for doing the Heartland Science Lab....the community needs to put more time into showing us positive influences in the areas we live in.  If a child or teen is depressed and they see bad things other kids do, then they are more likely to try to do bad...I would like to thank (KFVS) for what you do to show the Heartland that we can do something right.  I would also hope you can help more adults in the news media to see that we need positive, not negative, news."

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