Deborah Mosby

Deborah Mosby

Portageville High School

9th through 12th

Learning Disabilities

"There are absolutely no words to describe this woman. She is the most caring teacher I have ever met."

"She teaches more than your normal school studies, the lessons you learn from Ms. Mosby go way deeper than that. Confidence in knowing how far you can push yourself past your limits is a valuable lesson she instills."

"She takes extra time to make sure that all of her students understand everything in front of them, whether it takes 10 minutes or two hours."

"She stresses to her students that an education is the most important thing, and she honestly believes it."

"Ms. Mosby does not act like educating is a 7:20 a.m. to 2:55 p.m. job, she considers it a way of life."

"You can see her love of teaching all over her face when she watches her students, every May, walk across the football field to receive their diploma, many of whom would not have made it if it wasn't for her."

"She is able to communicate with her students in a way that brings them out of their shell. The kids in her classroom have a spirit about them when they have been with her. She is their teacher, counselor, referee, agent, and most of all, friend."

"She has never failed to come through for her students 110% of the time. I rest assured that I speak for all of her students. If anyone deserves this award it is Ms. Mosby!"