Underage Drinking Party

Underage Drinking Party
By: CJ Cassidy

The party is over in Mississippi County. Deputies broke up an underage drinking party, just past the New Madrid County line last weekend.

Officers say some adults were among the 70 or so people gathered at the Blue Hole.
"The deep water of the river is what concerns me," one parent says. Add to that an underage drinking party, where authorities say they confiscated guns and drugs besides the alcohol, an police say, it's a recipe for disaster.
"It was here's a large party. We came across about 70 people not counting those who ran away. There were several adults and a couple of children as young as 12 years," authorities say.
Strangely enough, Sheriff Terry Stevens says, some parents blamed deputies for breaking up what they called harmless fun.
"You would think they would have the opposite reaction," he says.
Most parents including a woman who did not want to be identified, agree with the Sheriff.
"They need to thank God they did come out here, did get them home, and they did arrive safely," she says.
Another woman, Hettie Rogers, says she's always been proud of her 21-year old grandson, until now. He's in the National Guard and she hopes his presence at the underage drinking party doesn't overshadow his service in Iraq.
"I just hope he straightens up, and all the other boys and girls do too. I hope they get a second chance," Rogers says.
Police from both New Madrid and Mississippi Counties say they will continue to patrol the area.
It is now up to prosecutors if anyone will face any charges.