Restaurant Takes Customers For a Walk On The Wild Side

Restaurant Takes Customers for Walk on the Wild Side
By: Crystal Britt
SCOTT CITY, Mo. --For many of you a big helping of rattlesnake, eggs and brains, or turtle soup sounds great. For others, that's just plain crazy. Well, if you're looking for a little spice in life you need to check out a new restaurant in Scott City: it's called Southern Chef.
You name it, it's sizzling at Southern Chef. "We've got ostrich, eel, shark, caribou, reindeer, beef tongue. From pork brains to pork feet, pork chops, and everything in between. It just goes on and on and on", said James Green-Co Owner of Southern Chef. They've got some of the biggest turkey legs you've ever seen, and how about some deer pizza?  "Their food is excellent", said one customer.
Rick Bond's the chef, and not long ago Rick convinced his Uncle James "Big Cat" Green to get into the restaurant business. Rick was an electrician, James was a general contractor. They went from building kitchens to building recipes. "I am beginning to like cooking", said Green. They used to have a carry-out restaurant in Cape Girardeau, and recently moved to Scott City where they already have quite the following. They've also got other stuff, like catfish and salads, and they'll prepare your food however you want. "If you say burn my bologna, we burn it", said Green. They create new dishes each week. "I am the number one food taster, as you can see I do weigh 303 pounds", said Green. They don't call it southern cooking for nothing.
Southern Chef is located on Main Street in Scott City. It's open seven days a week, even open some nights until as early as two and three in the morning.