Weather Watcher - Marquand, MO

Name:  Gale & Jean Yemm

Town:  Marquand, MO

Number of years as Weather Watcher:  Since 1993

Most interesting weather:  The Yemms mention the winters of 1977, 1978, 1979 and the HOT dry days of the 1980's when their pasture became dusty.  They also talk about in the mid 1990's so much rain fell in a 24 hour period that their creek flooded high enough above its banks that fish were washed up into their pasture.

Something extra:  Gale spent 3 years in Recife, Brazil with the Army Air Force in the 1940's.  Jean worked as a School Social worker for the St. Louis Public School System.  They now spend their retirement in their log cabin in eastern Madison County.  They enjoy bee-keeping, maple syrup making, chicken, duck, and pig raising and gardening.