Celebrating the life of General John A. Logan

Celebrating the life of General John A. Logan
By: Arnold Wyrick
MURPHYSBORO, Ill. - When you think of our nations history, and famous people from Illinois, two people immediately come to mind.  President Abraham Lincoln and General John A. Logan.  And all this week in Logan's hometown of Murphysboro a celebration of his life and legacy is underway.
"We've got 200 new pieces from the Dillworth collection, some of these items have never been seen by the public.  Documents from the 1830's on up that relate to Logan's life, his political career and his trip to college," says Mike Jones director at the General John A. Logan Museum.
The week long festivities at the museum got underway on Wednesday with area 6th graders dawning period costumes and teaching other kids about what life was like in the 1800's.

The museum is set to unveil a 1,600 square foot expansion that will showcase many of the unseen items from Logan's life.  Along with a collection of Puck's political cartoons. "During the ribbon cutting ceremony the Independent Silver Band from Mount Vernon will play Civil War music right on up through election music in 1884 for Logan," Jones said.

The General commanded troops during the Civil War, and even made a bid for vice-president of the United States.  But he maybe most widely recognized as being the father of Memorial Day.
There's going to be a Trivia Night on Friday evening at the museum, located at 1613 Edith Street in Murphysboro.  Then on Saturday afternoon a vintage baseball game at Longfellows Park will keep the celebration rolling.  Rounding out Saturdays events is the Grand Ball at the Murphysboro Event Center.
Then on Sunday afternoon the public will get their first glimpse of the expanded museum, housing some real treasures of our nations history as Logan Days wind down.
For more information about the events call 618-684-3455.