More local people cut it off for Locks of Love

More local people cut it off for Locks of Love
By: Erica Byfield

PADUCAH, Ky. - We each have our own personal style and it's easy for people to become attached to their hair but three heartland women put that aside this afternoon, in the honor of cancer victims, and donated their locks.

Caroline Washer knows it is coming, "I was really nervous."

But still it's hard for this Paducah sixth grader to stand still. Washer is one of three people who decided to chop their locks Wednesday in honor of love. She began donating her hair to charity in second grade. So it's not the cutting part that's got her a little squeamish. "This is the third time I've done it, but I've never done it front of so many people before."

Her mother Lonna says she couldn't be more proud "I think she's old enough to realize where it's going and people need it."

These donations added up to about three feet a hair; that will be used to make wigs for children with cancer. "I know what I'm doing is good and it's helping other kids" said Washer.

After the initial cut, Washer and others went up stairs to get haircuts from professional stylists. "Hair always grows back, people need it and we're just blessed to not have that problem" said Washers mother.

Now that summers here Washers looking forward to a different look "you don't have to have all the long hair in the summer when it's really hot."

If you're wondering, she already has plans to grow it out. Washer mother adds "she said after this she is going to grow it out again and do it in two more years."

Plus, Washer wants us all to think about doing the same.  "It's going to really good cause and you look good with short hair."