2 who hatched faulty bomb threat going to prison

2 who hatched faulty bomb threat going to prison
By: Associated Press
JACKSON, Mo. -- The idea seemed a long shot at best: One man would call police and accuse his friend of carrying a bomb in hopes the arresting officer would rough up the suspect enough to support a lawsuit.
Instead of a civil case windfall, Duane Haffner and Leotis Sylvester Allen are going to prison. A judge on Monday sentenced Haffner to 5 years for making a terroristic threat. Allen received a 4-year term.
A judge will re-evaluate the pair's behavior in prison after 120 days and decide whether to release them on probation.
Jackson police received a call on February 21st with a tip that a man planned to take a hidden bomb into the county courthouse. Detectives recognized the voice of Haffner and traced the call to a treatment center where Haffner and Allen were staying.
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