Attempted abduction in Sikeston - would you know what to do

Attempted abduction in Sikeston - would you know what to do
By: CJ Cassidy
SIKESTON, Mo - An attempted abduction in Sikeston leaves a neighborhood on edge, and police looking for a suspect.
Police say a 12-year-old girl was riding a bike home when a man in a van tried to grab her.
It happened at the corner of Courtney and Pine Streets in Sikeston - surprisingly, a well populated area in the middle of two schools, a large church and a residential neighborhood.
"We had an honors assembly going on in the field house - it started at 6.30 PM so at that time there was a lot of vehicular traffic, a lot of pedestrians in and out of the intersection, so it was very brazen of the suspect," Superintendent Steve Borgesmiller says.
Police say the man tried to get the child into a van, but she realized something was wrong, because of a safety system her parents had taught her.
"They had setup some code words, and the subject didn't know those code words so the child knew he was not someone she was supposed to go with," Sgt. Jim McMillen with the Sikeston Department of Public Safety says.
So, what people should do if they witness someone trying to abduct a child?
"The first question on your mind is, is this an abduction or an unruly child? In either case it warrants calling the police department and letting them know what's going on. I hesitate to say get involved because we always worry about anyone's risk. That's a choice someone has to make at the time given the circumstances," McMillen says.
Police say when it involves children, people are likely to jump to action.Officers suggest taking down as much information as you can, after you call them - a description of the suspect, the vehicle and even the victim - anything could help.
In this case, the suspect is still at large.
He's described as white male, 5-feet-eight in height, stocky, dressed in a white T-shirt with stains.
He's said to have stitches or a tattoo on his right wrist, black hair with slight gray, and a full beard.
Police say he was driving a white, silver or gray older-model van.
Call Sikeston Police if you have any information at (573) 471-4711.