Outdoor Toy Tests - Part 3

Does it Work Wednesday
Outdoor Toy Tests - Part 3
By: Lauren Keith
Outdoor Toy Test #3 turns your backyard into a safari with the Turbo Bug Vacuum. It also brings outer space to you with Moon Sand. It also pits buddy against buddy with Nerf's Dart Gun Tag.  We also find out if these new and very popular Mega Bouncers really live up to their claims. Banzai says the $120 jumper inflates in less than a minute! Before we bring the kids out, let's test that.
Wow, that only took 45 seconds! Not bad, but let's see what the second graders from Guardian Angel school in Oran say.
"Go!" I yell.  
I should note - we told the kids only two at a time can bounce because the instructions have a weight limit of 200 pounds. So immediately, the fastest two kids get first dibs on the bouncer, and the rest pile around any toy they can.
"Can I do it?" one child asks.
"No me!" says another, as a crowd gathers around Dart Tag.
Only two at a time can play this game of tag, but several kids not only reserved the next place in line, they also had fun chasing after the darts. Nerf includes protective eye gear that really help these kids get into the game.
"I got a spider!" shouts one second grader, after using the Turbo Bug Vacuum.
The $15 vacuum turns out to be really easy to use. Once kids spot a bug, they suck it up, shut the trap door, and release it into the $4 bug catcher.
"It won't come out!" complains one boy after using Moon Sand.
The kids find out the sand seems to stay inside the molds, unless they shake it a lot.
"It's fun to play with and it feels kind of weird," says Maci Rendleman.

These three toys keep the second graders busy, but once they spot an opening over at the Mega Bouncer. "Yea! Whoopee!" they shout.

"I would want it in my backyard. If you don't have anything to do, you could go outside and bounce in it," says Max Priggel.
"So far what I like is Moon Sand and that jump thing," says Maci Rendleman.
However, if video doesn't lie, this test shows a line full of both boys and girls at all times for Dart Tag.  Plus, at one point, we did see the Mega Bouncer sitting still, so you might keep that in mind before paying $120.  Still, the kids all say it was their favorite toy here.
"I think there might be a tie between the Mega Bouncer and the Nerf Dart Tag," says teacher Sandi Hulshof. 
So, the Moon Sand got a little messy, and the kids wished more sand came with this $20 kit.  It also claims to never dry out, so we'll have to see about that.  Right now, it molds up a "B".
The $14 Turbo Bug Vacuum certainly worked, but it wasn't the favorite...it also gets a "B."
The expensive Mega Bouncer surprisingly worked, and also lived up to its claim to deflate in less than five minutes. We give it an A minus because the best toy of the day seemed to be the one everyone wanted to play with---this $20 Nerf Dart Game "tags" an A plus on this Does it Work toy test.   I bought all of the toys at Toys r Us, except for the Mega Bouncer, which I bought at Wal-mart.