Text message ban in the Heartland?

Text message ban in the Heartland?
By: Wes Wallace

Cell phones come in pretty handy during a roadside emergency.  They can also be pretty distracting for people who talk or even text while driving down the road. "I do it. I know it's not safe, but I do it anyway,"  says Bailey McClellan, "Although I think it's a good idea and could cut down on the number of crashes or accidents."

McClellan's talking about a new law in Washington, banning drivers from using cell phones or sending text messages. "I think it's a wonderful idea,"  says Andy Cox of Cincinnati, Ohio, "I live in a busy metropolitan area, and it scares me to see people driving and texting, talking on the phone, reading, putting on makeup, etc."

Tennessee is the only Heartland State currently considering a similar ban on texting.
The fine for breaking the laws in Washington will be $101.