COPY-Jeff Brasser

Jeff Brasser

Dexter High School

9th through 12th

Industrial Technology

"Mr. Brasser is an amazing teacher.  He knows how to keep the attention of the class by making it interesting and fun."

"Mr. Brasser is a very hard working teacher who deserves a little bit more credit than most..."

"He is an honorable man, encouraging the youth to think and participate in order to create a better world."

"He has an awsome bar-stool mustache so the advise he gives us we call his 'mustacheology.'"

"Mr. Brasser could leave and go to a better school but he chooses to stay with his kids here that he loves."

"He asks us quite frequently what we are going to do when we leave high school. When we say we don't know he pushes us to understand what we want to do and why we want to do it."

"Mr. Brasser also started a club call Dexter Technology Association. He did it because he likes helping kids, helping them stay off drugs and all the stuff that can get you into trouble."

"He is a great person. He buys sick children Christmas presents. He doesn't just teach about Industrial Technology. He teaches us life lessons. He teaches us responsibility and care."