Local seniors not letting age keep them down

Local seniors not letting age keep them down
By: Erica Byfield

PADUCAH, Ky. - It's a fact of life we all get older, but some folks in Western Kentucky are not letting that get them down. A group of more than a hundred laced up their tennis and took on the Senior Games of 2007.

Lou Anna Jones won't admit it but the golf putt takes skill.  "I don't know, I just wanted to put the ball in the hole." After two holes in one, Jones lets me in on a secret, she is 90! "I don't believe there will be anyone in my category, do you?"

Welcome to the Purchase Area Senior Games of 2007 where all you need to sign up, is to be older than fifty.
William Tankersley meets that qualification "I'll do the egg toss and the bean bag toss.  I will not stack the cookies, I will not do the clothes hanging; I've found out that there are too many people that are faster than me over the years."

There are more than 25 events senior can compete in like chair volleyball and the ever popular football toss. "It's just great to have fun with people your own age" said Tankersley.

The senior games run through Saturday across Western Kentucky and when it's said and done seniors get medals for their efforts; Tankersley favorite part. "I didn't do to well last year but before I got several medals, you take them, hang them up and look at them in the closest ever now and then."

And if the line doesn't give it away some other seniors have another favorite activity, a free massage.

Organizers hope the senior games prove you're never too old to have fun. Lou Anna Jones is willing to admit this she shouldn't have said that better herself.  "Everyday is wonderful when you are 90." 

From here seniors can move on to compete at a state level. The Kentucky Senior Games is later this summer in Louisville.