Thank a Veteran

Thank a Veteran
By: Erica Byfield

PADUCAH, Ky. -- Stories about the threats our troops face every day remind us of their sacrifice.  In their honor, people in Western Kentucky spent Monday "thanking veterans" for their brave service on the battlefield.

"I joined them in England and went to the battle of the bulge" said Louis Toon.
Decades later, it's still hard for Toon to talk about World War II.
"You still get choked up talking about it?  All the time, I never talk about it till I have to."
But now he's drummed up the courage to share his most painful memory.
"For 40 years I didn't know who saved my life" said Toon.
He recently met the vet who pulled him to safety, after his platoon took on heavy fire and says all he could do was thank him.
In the same spirit, Sandy Hart, the organizer of "Thank a Veterans Day" wanted to express gratitude for what vets like Toon have done for their country.
"It has spread the entire state is celebrating thank a veteran week now because of this" said Hart.
This is the third year vets from across the country got together to share a meal in honor of the holiday.
"This year they wanted to celebrate with all of them especially with all of our young people over in harms way now" said Hart.
Plus she has a surprise for the vets.  "We're going to build a "K" shape building for the Kentucky veterans and when our guys and gals fly over they will see the imprint of an American flag on the largest leg of the "K".
Hart says she wants to all veterans to know that she and other people in the community care, and willing to do what ever it takes to "thank a veteran".
She estimates it will cost $2-million to build the Kentucky Veteran & Patriot Museum.
If you would like to help raise money you can mail in your tax deductible donation to the following address:

Kentucky Veteran & Patriot Museum
4189 Bethlehem Church Road
Wickliffe, KY 42087
(270) 335-3128