Thinking About Weather

Thinking About Weather
Grade Level:  K-1
Show-Me Science Standards:
Processes (such as plate movement, water cycle, air flow) and interactions of earth's biosphere, atmosphere, lithosphere and hydrosphere
Processes of scientific inquiry (such as formulating and testing hypotheses).
Impact of science, technology and human activity on resources and the environment.

Students use thinking skills observing, measuring, classifying, predicting, and comparing to understand everyday weather phenomena.
The Collapsing Can
It's around us all the time, but we don't notice it until it changes.  It's called air pressure and in the Heartland Science Lab we showed you what happens when you remove the air from inside a soda can.  The science is crushing!
Make Your Own Tornado
Tornadoes are among nature's most violent storms and in the Heartland Science Lab we showed you how to create a mini twister. We created our twister in a tornado simulator and you can make one at home.

Squeaky Clean Science

Some of you might use in the shower, but have you ever considered putting it in the microwave?  We're talking about Ivory Soap and science reporter Jason Lindsey along with a kid scientist recently showed you a squeaky clean experiment that might have got you and your family hooked on science.