Pet Yorkie credited with saving owner's life

Pet Yorkie credited with saving owner's life
By: Carly O'Keefe
HARRISBURG, Ill. - Mary Ann Downs really loves Yorkies--in fact, she has five of them. "They're like my children," said Downs.
Downs credits one dog in particular, Yuna the Yorkie, with saving her life. Downs took some Tylenol P.M. to help her fall asleep with a bad backache. While she slept her house caught fire. 'I didn't hear the smoke alarm, that's how sound I was sleeping," said Downs.
As smoke filled the house the Yorkies started barking and Downs kept sleeping; but Yuna wouldn't give up. "She got in my face like when she wants to go outside. She'll touch me gentle on my cheek, and that didn't do it. So she did something she never does. She licked me on the mouth and face and that's what woke me up," said Downs.
Downs says without Yuna's persistence in waking her up, she's convinced she wouldn't have survived the black smoke that was quickly filling her house. "She's the one that saved my life, she's my little hero dog," said Downs.
Downs and all five dogs escaped out the bedroom window. She can't stay in her house until the smoke and fire damage is repaired, but at least--thanks to Yuna-- Downs and her beloved Yorkies are still around to play in the back yard. "We've always thought a lot of our animals, they're part of the family, and she's always been a hero, but boy did she do it this time," said Downs' daughter Sharon Carrier.
The wire to Downs' toaster caused the fire. It was not in use, but was plugged into the outlet. Downs says from now on, although there is a tiny hero in the house, she plans to unplug all small appliances - just in case.