Disabled Man Beaten and Possibly Left to Die

Disabled Man Beaten and Possibly Left to Die
By: Crystal Britt
JONESBORO, Il. --A large scale investigation is currently underway in Jonesboro, Illinois after a disabled man is brutally beaten.  Jonesboro Police want to know what happened to 21-year old Roy Eastin, and who's responsible for his brutal injuries. Right now all the Union County State's Attorney would say is investigators are working an "attempted robbery" case that happened late Monday night.   The family of 21-year old Roy Eastin says, that's only half the story.
"They just left him there to die", said Crystal Bonilla-Roy's Mother. Lying in a hospital bed scared and confused, Roy Eastin recovers from severe face trauma. With multiple fractures, he's hardly recognizable to those who know him best.  "I'm angry and worried about Roy's well being after this", said Tina Blair-Roy's Friend. Police won't confirm any details about the incident at this time for fear of jeopardizing the investigation. Family members however shared with Heartland News the nightmare Roy describes. Apparently late Monday night Roy went into a vacant home with several other people somewhere in the vicinity of Heacock and Jasper Streets in Jonesboro.  "They coerced him here into the home just to beat him, it had to have been planned because they just brought him in and started smacking on him", said Tina Blair.  "They hit him with the 2x4 and threw a beer bottle at him and if they could get him back into the house they probably would have beat him and finished him off", said Bonilla.
Roy's mother says her son is mentally challenged, saying he has the mind of a four or five year old, but a heart of gold.  "My son would not hurt nobody, he would give his last dollar, whatever he had to you", said Bonilla. "He's the guy that if you need help, he helps you", said Blair. Now the question is who did this to Roy and why? "I just want the people brought to justice to pay for what they've done to my son", said Bonilla.
No one has been arrested, but the State's Attorney says charges are coming. Roy Eastin's family says he'll likely be released from the hospital Saturday with the hopes of making a full recovery.