Cattle truck crash causes major back-up on I-24

Cattle truck crash causes major back-up on I-24
By: Erica Byfield

McCRACKEN COUNTY, Ky. - Drivers try to steer clear at the 14 mile marker in McCracken County. A cattle truck heading to Kansas overturned letting nearly 50 cows graze along the interstate for hours closing down traffic.

It looked like a scene straight out of the Wild West; cowboys wrestling and roping cattle. "It's been a pretty good workout" said Danny Brown director McCracken County Animal Control.

But the background was a little off, instead of a Hollywood sound stage mile maker 14, on Interstate 24. "It's a dangerous event on this roadway for the cattle being out here on the roadway" said Brown.

The plot thickens; human error didn't cause the accident. A tire popped, the truck started to weave, 114 cattle got a little jumpy and shifted all their weight to the left. "Our main concern is to get the roadway closed down so no one runs into one of those animals and damage their car" said Major Jim Smith with the McCracken County Sheriff's Department.

From the crash site, cattle roamed as far as 6 miles in either direction. Farmers on horse back did their best to corral the animals while the people who are used to saving the day sat on the side lines. "In a situation like this our vehicles and trying to chase them on foot would not be the best way to do it" said Smith.

"To me those are the real heroes, because people volunteered, average everyday people that got out here and help speed things along" said Keith Todd with the Department of Highways.
Our heroes helped end this show by herding the cattle onto several trailers, bound for a stockyard in Ledbetter.  They will soon be back on the road to Kansas, leaving this Wild West behind.
The majority of cattle survived the accident but authorities did have to put down five cows.