YourTurn - 5/14/07

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Karla Laws from Dexter:
"With rumors that gas will...reach $4 a gallon, I just wanted to know what our government is doing to ease the burden...the minimum wage goes up and so do the prices...many Missouri families will continue to struggle more than ever...I feel sad...we will remember all of (this) when it is time to vote again."
Heartland viewer LaWanda Chiles:
"I understand that everyone needs a roof over their head. It just seems to me that the oil dealers want too big a roof.   I personally live on just over $600 a month and make all my own payments...if my car breaks down it sets till I have enough money saved to fix it.  Everyone needs to stop buying overpriced gas."
Marcus Roberts who lives on Clearwater Lake in Reynolds County:
"I have watched the Army Corps of Engineers destroy this beautiful lake that once was filled with fish...(they) do not pay any attention to the people who live here...I watched with amazement when a guest on your station insinuated that everything is fine at Clearwater's sad when we have to depend on the news media to get results..."
Carolyn Kempf, from Elite Travel in Cape Girardeau:
"Passport delays are causing clients additional costs, missed vacations, and a great deal of stress.  The passport office is unable to handle the volume and cannot always provide passports by deadlines.  People should contact their local congress person inside 14 days of travel if the office has not delivered the passport.  Last minute travelers need to use an outside service for help and this will cost an additional $99 charge along with two overnight fees.  Some families cannot afford $275 for each person if they need to leave within the next 90 days.  A family of five would have to pay $1,375 on top of the cost of travel if they use an outside source.  The poor and senior citizens cannot always afford these high costs."

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