Kerrie Middleton

Kerrie Middleton

Jackson High School

10th through 12th


"I student taught under her direction...While working with her she honestly taught me everything I know about teaching.  Kerrie truly encompasses the meaning of a teacher."

"Ms. Middleton is a teacher who always gives her all. She is always positive to the students, yet maintains structure in the class."

"...while in her class I feel as if every person in there is a big part of her life. She has really impacted my life and made me really enjoy math."

"She is always offering to stay before and after school for as long as needed to help anyone. She also cares how we do in her class and is always giving extra time to help everyone."

Ms. Middleton simply loves math. She knows that not everyone feels the same about math but she tries her best to make it easy and fun for all of her students."

"Her class is one that I don't dread to go to because she keeps us focused but we have fun at the same time."

"...she never gives up on anyone and tries to motivate us to do our best. She is not only there for you as a teacher but as a friend."

"She has one of the biggest hearts I've ever seen.  She truly cares about her students and anytime there's something wrong she is the first to ask."

"Last year a student's father passed away and she collected money for the family. Every day she has a smile on her face and compliments can be heard in her classroom."