Bush tours town wiped away by killer tornado

Bush tours town wiped away by killer tornado
By: Associated Press

GREENSBURG, Kan. -- Giving out hugs to survivors, President Bush has stepped through the rubble in Greensburg, Kansas, getting a first-hand look and the damage caused by last week's deadly tornado.
Today, the president stopped at a tractor dealership, where the building was gutted and the plows were mangled. In a nearby neighborhood, a spray-painted sign read: "Please pardon our mess."
Bush briefly grabbed a chain saw, ripping it into action for the media that accompanied him.
The president was also given a rundown of the damage and the recovery from the city administrator and Democratic Governor Kathleen Sebelius.
Yesterday, she and the White House had a spat, which was later settled, over whether National Guard deployments to Iraq had hampered the government's ability to respond.
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