Crash causes fire at Sikeston gas station

Crash causes fire at Sikeston gas station
By: Ryan Tate
SIKESTON, Mo. - Sikeston investigators are trying to figure out if another vehicle was involved in crash early Sunday morning, that set fire to a pump at the Huck's Gas Station on East Malone.

Sikeston Department of Safety Chief Drew Juden says the vehicle that crashed was full of teenagers, including a driver who only had a permit.  He believes the other vehicle also had teenagers in it. "We reviewed the video footage and there was a close proximity to the cars. We want to contact those people," Chief Juden said.

One of the city's 23 surveillance cameras caught two vehicles going down a street about a mile from the crash site. Chief Juden does not know if the drivers are racing or if one is chasing the other.

Firefighters arrived on the scene quickly and put out the flames. The vehicle crashed into a pump station, and that pump station is now gone. "I saw flames and the car. I was thinking 'what happened, and what did I miss,'" Justin Motes said. Motes was working at the gas station when the crash happened.  It was his first week on the job.