Going green in Illinois' schools

Going green in Illinois' schools
By: Arnold Wyrick
CARBONDALE, Ill. - It's a fine balancing act keeping schools clean and healthy, while also educating students.  But a few southern Illinois school districts are succeeding in green cleaning their schools.  One of them recognized by Lieutenant Governor Pat Quinn for being at least 80 percent with their cleaning, and purchase of cleaning products is the Mount Vernon School District #80.
"So far it's working real good.  We've eliminated some of our cleaning problems we were having.  The new bases work better.   And were really happy with it, it saved the district money," says Ron Pressgrove Maintenance Director for Mount Vernon School District #80.

Hundreds of school leaders from across Illinois gathered on the campus at Southern Illinois University to learn more about stopping the spread of germs, while continuing the educational process. "All of us have to work together in the best tradition of democracy to provide and maintain a healthful environment, not just for our time, but for the future," says Illinois' Lt. Governor Pat Quinn.

By using 'green clean' products schools can also increase the life span of their buildings. "It has great things for the schools in terms of cleanliness and healthy students.  We're always looking for those kinds of things in our schools.  So it turned out to be a doubly good thing for the Harrisburg schools when I was superintendent there," says Ed Bradley.

And if House Bill 895 passes in the Illinois legislature, and the governor signs it into law.  School districts who build or convert to environmentally friendly buildings will receive more state funding for doing so.