New stroke therapy helps recovery

New stroke therapy helps recovery
By: Kathy Sweeney
CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. - A new kind of therapy offered locally is getting some patients back on their feet, literally. It's called Bioness therapy, and it's new to Southeast Missouri Hospital's Healthpoint Rehab.
Daniel Nuckolls of St. Louis had a debilitating stroke in 2004. He was fitted with a device called the NESS 300 five weeks ago. It wraps around his leg just below the right knee, and gives him the ability to flex his foot as he walks.
"To me, it's made a dramatic difference. I feel more stable and more secure", Nuckolls says.
The device delivers electrical impulses to the personal nerve, which controls movement of the ankle muscles, causing them to raise the foot at the appropriate phase of walking, preventing foot drop.
Daniel showed me how affective the NESS 300 is by turning it off and trying to walk. He had to drag his right foot and could not lift it off the ground without raising his hip. When he turned it back on, he lifted and bent his foot on his own-a major accomplishment and on that makes him feel good about his continued recovery.
"I know I'm not there yet", Daniel says of his ability to walk, "....but I will be soon."
If you want to learn more about Bioness therapy, Healthpoint's stroke support group will offer more information at its next meeting, Thursday May 17 at 2:00 p.m.