Missouri virtual schools begin enrollment

Missouri virtual schools begin enrollment
By: Holly Brantley
Is a virtual classroom a good fit for your child? In Missouri students can no apply to take part in state funded online schools opening this fall. The program is expected to cover about 2500 students. Enrollment runs through May 29th.
Classes are available for grades K-5 and High School. Middle school courses will come in the second year. Students will be chosen by lottery.
Brother David Migliorino of Notre Dame Catholic High School in Cape Girardeau says the VIP program has pros and cons. He feels Missouri's virtual school has great potential. But, he says it's difficult to recreate a student's high school experience in cyberspace. "As you go farther into the bootheel, it's harder to find teachers who teach certain classes because of geography and demographics," Brother David said. "So that's the blessing of virtual schools, but there's a missing ingredient."
Whitney Lunsford used to be in public school, but now she takes online courses through a program similar to Missouri's Virtual School. "I feel I have more freedom," said Lunsford. "I can do my homework when I need to."
Lunsford offers some insight for students who enroll in Missouri's virtual school. "I have to have more self discipline than I  had in high school," said Lunsford.
Both educators and students say programs like Missouri's Virtual school can be a great thing if it's right for you. Just do some studying before you log on to  online education. "I would speak to school counselors and teachers themselves," said Brother David. "Find out how it can benefit your child. But, I don't think it can replace a teacher.
If more applications come in than spots available, the selection process will no be first come first serve.
A certain percentage of applicants from each region of the state will be selected randomly.