Carbondale kids decorate city hall

Carbondale kids decorate city hall
By: Arnold Wyrick
CARBONDALE, Ill. - Every aspiring artists is always looking for a break in order to be discovered.  Well for some young artists in Carbondale's 95th School District, they finally got their break.
And it came in the form of painted tiles.  The ideal for the artwork originated during Carbondale Mayor Brad Cole's trip to Taiwan.
Kids in 1st through 8th grades all took part in creating some colorful and imaginative pieces, that now adorn the hallways of Carbondale's City Hall.
"First of all I felt really good when I started working on mine.  It's all stripped with colors," says John Barnett at Thomas School.
The executive director of Carbondale Community Arts tells Heartland News that the tiles showcase some of the talent here in southern Illinois.
"All of it put together in a huge collage says there's a tremendous amount of creativity that's in and around the public schools in our community," says Nancy Stemper.
And for some of the young artists, it's chance of a lifetime, to have their artwork on display.
"I think it's pretty neat because most people don't get to do all that kind of stuff," says Jamera Hubbard at Thomas School.
The colors will dazzle you, and the images can no doubt spark your imagination.  And for some of the artists it's their first step in a career in the arts.
"Yeah design buildings, and draw people and animals, and other things," says Jalen Youngblood at Thomas School.
The artwork can be seen during regular business hours, up on the second floor at Carbondale City Hall.