Survivor found in aftermath of deadly tornado

Survivor found in aftermath of deadly tornado
By: Associated Press
GREENSBURG, Ks. -- Officials in Greensburg, Kansas say searchers have found someone alive in the rubble.
The discovery comes more than two days after a powerful tornado largely obliterated the town.
A spokesman for the Kansas Highway Patrol says the person was found late yesterday. No other details are immediately available.
This morning, traffic up on roads leading to Greensburg, as residents were allowed in for a few hours to check the damage.
Police are asking for residents' identification. Since the tornado hit Friday night, emergency responders have had little information on how many people may be staying with friends or relatives elsewhere, or remain missing.
Those going home to Greensburg are likely to find little left. The grain elevator is about the only structure standing in the community that had 1,500 residents. Eight people were killed in the area, along with two others hit by storms in other parts of the state.
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