Morehouse woman earns her black belt at 70

Morehouse woman earns her black belt at 70
By: CJ Cassidy
MOREHOUSE, Mo. - A Morehouse woman has a lot to be proud of. Janet Hinson is 70 and has a black belt in Taekwondo. She has only been training about five years, so it would be quite an accomplishment for anybody, but Hinson tells me jokingly when you factor in old age and old bones, it's a little more of a painful journey.
But she's excited about her achievements, and says this is only just the beginning. "I've always been fascinated by martial arts movies. There's no way I can hope to do what Jackie Chan does, but..." she trails off.
But, Hinson can hold her own when it comes to Taekwondo. "My doctor has forbidden me to do any more board breaking, but my favorite part is weapons form. I really enjoy my nun chucks," she says.
Hinson's originally from England, and since her husband's death years ago, has lived all alone in her Morehouse home. Martial arts, she says, is great for self defense - but when it comes to keeping intruders at bay, she isn't taking any chances. "For that reason, I took a shooting class, but if I'm attacked in a parking lot I know what to do," she chuckles.
When she's not training at the studio, or practicing her moves on her best friend Ann, Hinson's usually trading blows online - playing computer games.
So it stands to reason, she's hardly your typical granny, but her friends say her grand kids would never want anyone else to fill her shoes.
In fact they don't think anyone could. "She's more active than your grandma - the grandma we're used to seeing from our youth," Ann Costin says. "I think I'm setting a trend. My grandmothers were both very dignified ladies which I'm not," she says, laughing.
Hinson also says Taekwondo helped control her blood pressure and lower her cholesterol. She plans on training towards her second degree of black belt next.