Potential earthquake biggest obstacle for Paducah plant

Potential earthquate biggest obstacle for Paducah plant
By: Associated Press
PADUCAH, Ky. -- A study on the feasibility of a nuclear fuel recycling plant in Western Kentucky says working around a fault line is the biggest obstacle to Paducah landing the facility.
The Paducah Uranium Plant Utilization Task Force conducted the study.
The group says state law forbids building an associated advanced burner-reactor in Western Kentucky until the Public Service Commission concludes that the federal government has identified and approved a way to dispose of high-level nuclear waste, the study says.
The facility would generate electricity while destroying a large amount of highly radioactive waste left over from fuel rods.
Paducah is one of 12 cities competing for the project. The Energy Department will decide by June 2008 whether and where to build one or more of the plants.
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