Nan Beussink

Nan Beussink

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"My teacher truly cares about each of her students both personally and as an educator. She treats each of her students equally and on an individual basis."

"It is her one and only goal to see that each student succeeds on their level. I have seen her take students under her wing to ensure they are not lost."

"I am a cancer survivor and I struggle in school. Ms. Beussink has recongnized a potential in me that I did not think existed."

"She has an instinct as a teacher that most people don't have. She can see...what frustates me in school. The she...talks to me as an idividual to help me understand how to confront my anxieties."

"My grades have come up and it is due to her loving kindness that I can move on in school. No teacher has ever done this for me and I will never forget her."