Gideon children investigate local cold case

Gideon children investigate local cold case
By: Holly Brantley
GIDEON, Mo. - There's a new team trying to crack one of the Heartland's oldest cold cases. These investigators aren't even out of high school.
Bonnie Huffman was a 20-year-old school teacher. In 1954, a farmer found her body near Delta. She'd been murdered. To this day, investigators don't know who killed her.
Now, Yount's eighth grade class is on a quest to solve the mystery. They began researching the case as part of a reading project, but it's since become much more.

Friday, the class got a chance to meet Huffman's niece, Wanda Ross. Ross answered questions from the eager group. "I hope we can find out who did this," said Ross.

The class asked Ross about questionable events surrounding Huffman's death, and the investigation. "Our kids really latched onto this project," said Denise Yount. "They had to come up with a list of suspects and evidence to support it as part of the project."

For more than five decades, investigators have talked to hundreds of suspects and followed dozens of leads. Still no one can solve the case. The class feels a lot just doesn't add up. "So many things haven't made sense," said Tamara Shafer.

"I want to know what the Huffman family thinks about the physical evidence being destroyed," said Slayton Boone.

Wanda Ross says she fully believes someone out there knows what happened to her aunt, Bonnie. "Sometimes it takes a child's mind to do things adults can't," said Ross. "They could help solve this case and I hope they do."