High School Senior Takes Grandfather to the Prom

High School Senior Takes Grandfather to the Prom
By: Crystal Britt
DEXTER, Mo. --If your a grandparent you know how special those grand kids are. Often times there's a very special bond between grandpas and their granddaughters. That's exactly the case with Fred Edwards and Kasey Holifield of Dexter. They've always been close, but a tragedy nearly two years ago strengthened their bond even more. Just after Kasey turned 16 she was in a pretty bad accident. Her family didn't think she'd make it. Today, we're happy to report she's doing great. In fact, she's getting ready to graduate. Saturday happens to be a special night too...it's prom. Although she could probably get just about any date she wants she's taking her Pa Pa.
When Kasey and her grandparents look back at pictures from the accident, they can hardly believe how far she's come.  "It's a miracle she's here. I thank God for her", said Fred Edwards. On a Sunday afternoon in September of 2005, Kasey was driving from Bertrand to Sikeston.  "I guess I just passed out and crossed the center line, the truck coming toward me went into the grass and hit him anyway head on", said Kasey. Kasey was in a coma for about a week. When she woke up she couldn't remember anything about the accident, but she's never forgotten the pain and the extent of her injuries.  "I had broken three toes, fractured my ankle, my femur came out of my leg, so I have a metal rod there. This bone, my humorous, was cut in half. I had fractures on my neck, 2 ribs and my collar bone broke. My lungs collapsed and I had lacerations to my spleen and liver." Less than two years later, you'd never know the trauma she experienced.  "She's quite a girl, I know God has let her live for a special reason", said Fred.
Kasey's says her family, including her Pa Pa helped her through. "We're close, we've always been close", said Kasey. When kasey was a little girl she told her Grandpa she wanted to take him to the prom.  "I don't know why, I just wanted to take him", said Kasey.  "I always figured someone would come along and take my place, but so far, it hasn't happened and I guess I've got a date tomorrow night", said Fred. That's right, Grandpa Fred's got his tux and Kasey's wearing a beautiful dress. At first, the school was a little leery because, well--Fred's over the age limit.  "They said, he's over 20. So, I said, of course he's over 20 he's my Grandpa.", said Kasey. He got the okay and just might be the oldest guy there. "It's possible-I'm almost 70", said Fred. But, he doesn't care and neither does Kasey.  "We're going to dance a little bit. I'm going to try to get him to fast dance and see how he can shake his booty", said Kasey.  "I told her it better be a little short tune because I don't know if I can go very long or not", said Fred. They'll dance the night away as they thank God for the memories---memories 2 years ago seemed only like a dream. "It's a special night for her, and a special night for me", said Fred.
As for Kasey's future: she graduates at the end of the month, and after that she wants to go to school to become an EMT. Her grandpa says he's looking forward to her making some money so she can support him someday.